Brockman Family Farming and Writing

Henry's Farm Broccoli

Henry's Farm has been providing thousands of people with great vegetables for over two decades.

Teresa's Farms Strawberries

Teresa's Farms include an acre of aronia berry bushes, and 2 acres of nearly 100 different varieties of fruits, and dozens of varieties of herbs.

Pregnant Goats on Jill Brockman's Red Barn Farm

Kira’s 50 varieties of flowers are available through her CSA, at farmers markets, and for weddings and other special events.

Pregnant Goats on Jill Brockman's Red Barn Farm

Red Barn Farm is where Jill Brockman-Cummings and her family raise the goats who provide the main ingredient for her soaps.

Quote from Sandra Steingraber's review of Terra Brockman's book The Seasons on Henry's Farm

Terra writes on food and farm topics for many publications.

Covers of chapbooks authored by Zoe, Henry and Herman Brockman

Accomplished writers in the Brockman family include Henry, Herman, Teresa, and Zoe.


Three generations of the Brockman family live and work on their biodiverse and ecologically sustainable farm in Central Illinois.

A eulogy to her rooster Yusef posted by Teresa Brockman on the Brockman Family Farming Blog

Each week during the growing season, find out what's coming to market or your CSA share (and how you might cook it), keep up with what's happening on our farms, and more!